5/10/19 “When we first enrolled our son into this school he was non verbal ASD. In the two years he has been at this school he has grown and developed in his speech so much. The staff are amazing, and no words I write can express my gratitude we have for Sue, Miss Jodie and the rest of the staff. Cannot recommend this school more highly” Toby

26/9/19 “I love, love, love this preschool and the AMAZING educators that are there. My son has ASD and when we enrolled him the ladies have brought him out of his shell, through loving and nuturing environment, they were patient with him and despite them thinking they know my son’s little quirks to get him to engage…both my husband and I know he has them wrapped around his little finger. Thank you MHCPS we would be lost without.” Belynda

7/6/2019 “Our 5th child now attends Macquarie Hills Community Preschool and loves it! The staff are well trained and have a genuine care for your child’s education as well as emotional support. I can’t recommend highly enough, they were even fantastic with our little man with Autism Spectrum and anxiety disorder. Nothing was too much trouble.” Tamara Soper

13/9/2018 “Macquarie Hills Community Preschool have always ensured the best start for children. Not only have they played a massive roll in my son’s education and happiness, the staff are always well presented and always make you feel welcome. I wish I had found MHCPS sooner so my other children got to experience what my son does!” Lucinda Philp

5/9/2018 “Thank you so much for all the love and care you show the children. All staff have made the girls’ transition to preschool smooth. I can not express how happy we are at MHCPS. Thank you.” Shay Hope

23/3/2018 “I can not praise the staff at MHCPS enough! You are all incredible! Beau brought home a tracing numbers sheet a few weeks ago, I thought it was such a great idea. He felt great about his ability to trace and tell me what number he had learnt. Beau can not get enough of MHCPS! He loves it!” Nicole Cook

17/2/17 “When looking at local primary schools for next year for our son, a principal couldn’t speak highly enough of Macquarie Hills Community Preschool. She has been very impressed with how prepared the children from MHCPS are for school” Kathy Anderson

10/2/2017 “We are very fortunate to have you helping us guide our children on the journey to become excellent humans” Shaun Kelleher

12/12/2016 “My granddaughter attends Macquarie Hills Community Preschool 4 days a week and I am often there to collect her. The staff are always friendly and helpful, the children always participate happily with activities and I have seen my granddaughter grow and mature with the guidance of the educators. I have watched as friendships have developed and I couldn’t be happier with the well run facility. A daily update is recorded and I will miss the ‘family atmosphere’ when my granddaughter starts at the local school. A big thank you to all concerned and Happy Christmas”. From Chris Galvin

4/11/2016 “I’ve sent all 7 of my children to Macquarie Hills Community Preschool. The reasons I kept going back to this preschool is because of the staff, environment and daily routine. The staff are very caring and approachable. They consider the needs of all the children and their families. The environment has changed over the time that my kids have been going, changed to fit in with new ideas. Children’s work is always proudly displayed throughout the centre. I find all my children learnt so much at preschool because of the many things they did there. Their routine covers a wide range of activities. Overall the preschool has been a safe, caring place where all my children’s needs were met. I would recommend the preschool to anyone.” From Julie Lerch

16/12/2015 “I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone at MHCPS. William has had a great two years with you all and the difference we have seen in him over those two years has been amazing. Will started as a very shy little boy who we watched grow into a more confident and expressive boy”. From Sarah Harris

24/06/14 "Thank you very much for Jack's USB stick. We loved sitting down and reading it together last night.  It was Fantastic!"
From Bronwyn Mewett

01/04/14 "Mitchell has settled in to pre school and comes home and tells me about how much fun he has had during the day and the friends he has played with, thank you for helping him settle in!"
by Jenny Davis

27/03/14  "You have a wonderful pre-school and in the short-time Madhavi was there she enjoyed it so much that she didn't have time to say goodbye to me when I used to drop her off in the mornings and she learnt so many things like washing her hands and face prior to eating etc. I want to thank all the teachers for their kindness. Its a lovely, clean, and enriching environment and I will certainly be spreading the word about it."
Many thanks Shweta Kaushik

24/02/14 " This Pre School is just amazing and all the teachers are fantastic.  I can't talk and rave about this place enough"
Kylie Lunn

15/12/13  "Dear Mrs Collinson and all the staff at MHCPS, Thank you so very much for the wonderful care you have given our daughter over the last two years.  Abby has been given a great start to her education by such warm and dedicated teachers.  She will miss you all so much but will have so many fond memories from her time at this very special pre-school."
Thank you Damien and Mel Garner.


"Thank you so much for being part of Sam’s learning experience, he has had a wonderful year and will take away many memories of his time at MHCPS." "Thank you also for your dedication to the preschool over the many years of our children attending you have truly made a difference"

David and Vesna Rankin - 2011

"Thank you for all your help over the last 2-3/4 years.  Whilst caring for Charlotte. We really appreciate all your support."

The Roberts Family - 2011

"Thank you so much for the wonderful care youv'e shown with Jake this year.  He has loved his time with you (especially the climbing equipment!) and is going to miss you all very much next year."

Matt and Georgia Baker - 2011

"Thank you for caring for Lucy over the last 2 years.  Our experience at MHCPS has been so valuable and Lucy has absolutely loved it.  She is sad to leave but excited for school.  We appreciate everything you have done for her."

The Lott Family - 2011

"Thank you for being kind and nurturing to our daughter Mia.  We appreciate the hard work that each of you have contributed towards making the preschool a welcoming, friendly, clean, well organised and an educational place to be.  Under your guidance, Mia has enjoyed going to preschool and still loves to learn.  We know Mia will miss you."

Loan and Paul McKee - 2011

"Please accept our most sincere thanks for all your hard work and effort throughout the year.  We really appreciate the great job you have done with both Benjamin and William.  You truly have had a huge positive impact on our entire family.  We highly recommend MHCPS to everyone that we speak to.  I have spoken with lots of parents from the preschool and all agree that you do a fantastic job.  We are very lucky to have sent our children to you for their preschool years."

Alison and Daniel Summers - 2011

"Thank you so much for the fantastic experience Lucy has had whilst attending MHCPS during 2010 & 2011.  She has loved every minute and will be very sad to leave.  You have provided her with a caring, stimulating, creative and fun environment where we feel she has thrived.  We really appreciate the amount of effort that all of the staff have put in to provide such a positive educational experience for Lucy and we look forward to Charlotte beginning her preschool journey here."

Katie and Stephen Hirneth - 2011

"Thank you so much for the care and education of Anabelle during her time at preschool.  Anabelle has always loved going to preschool so the whole experience for us has been so wonderful and she has developed some lovely friendships along the way.  We are proud to have been involved with the preschool and I always tell people how wonderful it is!  Anabelle will miss preschool and we look forward to our involvement again when Oliver is preschool age."

Louise and Scott Antony - 2011

The following testimonials are from an anonymous survey sent to all parents:

  • "A fantastic, caring and professional staff. Varied range of activities and a great sandpit!"

  • “Great friendly staff. Nice outdoor play environment."

  • Our daughter has become more confident and learning new skills gearing up ready for big school Thank you!"

  • "Learning about our planets and solar system that really blew us away!!!!!!!"