At MHCPS we believe that learning experienced during early childhood influences the individual's entire life. Our programs are carefully considered and presented to encourage the positive development of skills, knowledge and attitudes of every child. Individual interests and the culture of our families and community influence activities offered.

All learning experiences are provided using the Early Years Learning Framework developed collaboratively by Australian government, academics and the early childhood sector. Through the Framework's five learning goals educators will assist your child to develop:

  • a strong sense of their identity.
  • connections with their world.
  • a strong sense of wellbeing.
  • confidence to become an involved learner.
  • effective communication skills.

Our team of qualified, experienced and passionate educators are dedicated to working with families in supporting children to become capable learners, respectful, successful and social community members who are confident in their abilities and well prepared amongst their peers to participate in formal schooling and for life.

By building relationships with your child through interaction, staff will record observations to build their program which will become the record or story of their learning journey. Programs will be available to you and we will encourage your contribution and input. Through reflection on program and practice we will effectively evaluate to ensure continued development and successful planning for quality improvement of the learning environment, experiences and strategies.