to Nov 24

Lunch Order Week

Lunch Order Week

Week 7

Monday 20th Nov to Friday 24th Nov



The children are invited to participate in our ‘School Canteen” by collecting lunch in a paper bag, choosing either a party pie or small hotdog for their lunch. 

We understand many children wish to eat the regular lunch you provide so please send either their usual lunch or supplementary food to accompany what we provide.

You child will still require their fruit, vegies for morning tea and their drink for lunch.

The dramatic play inspired activity will require the children to explain what they are doing and what they want. The will need to make choices, cope with change and communicate in an unfamiliar setting—quite a lot to do just for a ‘canteen lunch’. 

Most of all we hope the experience is fun  

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to Nov 17


Wet Wet Wet Week

Week 6

Mon Nov 13th – Friday Nov 17th



The weather is hot and our children love water!

Although we cannot predict conditions we are planning every day next week to splash, spray, sprinkle and cool off if the temperature is high.

We will not go ahead with these plans is the conditions are not suitable for water play.

If they are, we plan to ;

Use Aqualab, boats, water ball targets, wet plastic mat, sprinkler, soaker hose jump, chase bubbles, rainbow hose arch and more.

We will still be taking care of our environment by watering our lawn and gardens while we play.

Please send your preschooler in their board shorts, rash shirt / sea/ sun shirt, or suitable wet/play clothes so they are able to enjoy all the additional water play.


If your child has any health concerns which may affect their participation in water activities please speak with educators

Please send:

A spare change of summer clothes and a small towel or large hand towel to use for drying off in a labelled plastic bag for us to return wet items in.

Children do not have to participate in activities that will wet or saturate them. It will be their choice and we will have lots of Christmas and regular activities as well.  We plan on wet activities concluding before lunchtime.


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9:30 AM09:30


Tuesday 19th Sep, Wednesday 20th Sep, Thursday 21st Sep

9:30am - 11:00am

The children will be exploring favourite stories at group time after morning tea. Family and friends are welcome to join with us from 9am to 11:30am. If you wish to come along for group time only, please arrive by 10:55am.

Join the children for morning tea ( bring your own fruit for yourself and siblings to eat) which will be followed by a treat provided by the preschool.
Please bring your child’s fruit for morning tea as usual. You are invited to stay for morning tea and group time.

We will be having a scholastic book stall where you may select titles to enjoy with your child later. These must be paid for on the day. A percentage of all sales goes to our preschool and will help us purchase gifts for the children at the end of the year. The bookshop will open on each of the 3 listed days from 9am to 11am only. Please note cash, cheques and credit card will be accepted.

Children may dress up as a character from a book if they wish!

Remember to bring your camera. During group time visitors are welcome to use our red preschool chairs. 

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