Macquarie Hills Community Preschool Inc first opened in January 1981 as a 40 place preschool catering to 3-5 year olds it was then managed by a local church board and resided on their premises. The preschool quickly established itself as a quality education care facility and in 1982 running of the centre became independent of the church with the parents and community members taking over all roles on the management committee.

Successive committees set about ensuring the efforts of families were to have a long term benefit to the preschool and local community.

In 1992 the purchase of a block of land in a new subdivision in nearby Cardiff South along a main road was made possible by great fundraising efforts over the previous 10 years. The staff and families have contributed to building the preschools reputation for quality programmes in the region with special interest in preparation for school and children with additional needs.

After securing finance for construction in 1994 the preschool opened in our new purpose built 2 unit centre and have since then improved the premises and grounds. The preschool has through the commitment and dedication of past committees paid out this loan and the community now fully own our preschool.

We are quite proud of the fact this totally not-for-profit truly community run and owned preschool has been established as and continues to be a quality community resource. We have achieved many goals and established a far reaching reputation in our region meeting the needs of local families.

In 2014 a major upgrade to the outdoor play environment was completed. Through the fantastic effort of our committee and generous donations of time, securing grants and fundraising we continue to plan and implement change to improve the preschool's physical environment. Ongoing quality improvement in all aspects of the service will benefit many more children in future years.