Barefoot Play

Not only does going barefoot feel great, it also nourishes, strengthens, and promotes agility in a child’s growing feet, ankles, legs, knees, and hips—benefits that children are going without in today’s society.

In fact, podiatrists say that bare feet should be a vital component of a child’s everyday life, in all seasons. The bare foot functions almost like a sense organ, feeling subtleties of changing terrain while walking and playing, and making countless small adjustments in how each step is taken. These adjustments actually help each of us form our balance, movement systems, and posture for life.

Children naturally demonstrate an innate knowledge that being barefoot would make it easier for them to clamber up the hill, climb to the highest branches of a tree or negotiate the rocky creek bed.

Walking barefoot provides a direct connection to our natural world which in turn allows us to release stress, relax and reawaken the senses. At Macquarie Hills Community Preschool we promote barefoot play and encourage both children and educators to experience the sensation of being barefoot on a daily basis.  

Mrs Collinson