Sustainable Water Practices

Sustainable water practice is an important part of our daily program. The children are educated on the relationships between themselves, and living and non-living things. Through teachable moments the children are empowered to construct their own knowledge, explore values and develop an appreciation of the world around them. At Macquarie Hills Community Preschool we take great pride in our gardens and are confident that not only do we know how to plant and care for the gardens but also how to preserve and use water wisely. Using water from the water rank, left over water from water play and drinks to water the plants demonstrates that we are water wise. The children demonstrate knowledge on how and when to use the taps in the bathroom and when the sprinkler should be used for the lawn. This is evident when they are reminding the adults in their lives to be water wise.

When children participate collaboratively in everyday routines, events and experiences and have opportunities to contribute to decisions, they learn to live interdependently.