Caring for our Friends, Animals and the Environment

Friends, animals and the environment are important elements in all our lives and can have a huge impact on the children. Being a child is a time to seek, belonging is knowing where and with whom you belong and becoming is gaining an identity and understanding of relationships.

At Macquarie Hills Community Preschool we have been educating the children on the importance of caring for each other, our animals and the environment around us. These activities are embedded in our daily program to assist children in their understanding and learning.

Giving each child a better understanding of how important it is to show respect for our environment is an essential tool. Involving children in experiences such as planting a flower, taking care of our vegetable garden, cutting up scraps for the worm farm, sorting their rubbish or simply watering the garden each morning scaffolds children to care for their environment.

We have welcomed pet fish into the Preschool Room and added bug catchers to the outdoor area. Educating the children to care for these animals through feeding, changing their water or simply discussing their needs is important to develop empathy and respect for others.

Friendships at preschool are the key element to positive communication and feeling safe, secure and supported. Feeling a sense of belonging in a community is very important. We encourage all children to care for each other. Role modelling small things such as helping put a friend’s apron on, finding their hat, encouraging them to do well at a task or simply saying hello are ways we can show concerns and respect for one another.