Sensory Play

Over the last few weeks sensory exploration has formed a big part of our play at MHCPS.

Children are wired to receive and utilise sensory input from day one. This is why they will dive in hands first when exploring a new substance. The senses are the most familiar, most basic way to explore, process and come to understand new information.

We must provide children with these experiences and allow them to learn through hands on activities. The children need to use their senses and be engaged in meaningful experiences. Goop, sand, dough and kinetic sand are just some of the things we at MHCPS have been exploring.We have been diving in with our hands, mixing, smelling and exploring touch.

Sensory play promotes growth and develops many skills and opportunities for learning, such as science. This builds language, social skills, small and large motor skills and creativity.

Let them get messy, let them enjoy life’s little wonders and the joy it creates.