Green Thumbs

After returning from the Christmas break the children were very excited to see the growth that had occurred in the garden, particularly the pumpkins that had been planted several weeks earlier. Many group time discussions revolved around the garden and what we needed to do to encourage more growth. The children brainstormed ideas and decided that we should plant some more plants. Sunflowers became the most popular choice following discussions on what plants to plant.

During the planting process the children participated with each other to solve problems and contribute to their discussed ideas. They demonstrated an increasing knowledge of and respect for the natural environment. Discussions between the group involved the equipment they may need to plant the seeds, what the seeds need to survive and how we would stop the sun from burning the plants? With many of their questions answered the seeds were planted. We are enthusiastically watching as the seeds grow and eagerly anticipate the moment when we can transplant them into the garden.