Stars and Rainbows "FUNTASTIC DAY"

The Stars have been reading the book “Jack’s Funtastic Day” promoted by Good For Kids good for life. It’s a story about a boy named Jack “who leaves his screen behind and discovers there’s a lot more fun to be found...just about everywhere!”  


On Friday July 22nd the Stars and Rainbows had an outdoor day and discovered they could have a lot of fun in the physical activities which they engaged in. These included: running races, jumping together with friends from a balance board, climbing the trestles, balancing and even making Wombat Stew in the mud pit!


The Early Years Learning Framework states in Learning Outcome 3 that children have a strong sense of wellbeing evidenced when they show enthusiasm for participating in physical play and negotiate play spaces to ensure the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others.


Mrs Jill