Many of our Rainbow friends have baby brothers or sisters at home

Over the last few weeks Miss Sam has been interviewing some of the rainbow children and asking them some questions about what it’s like to have a baby sibling at home.

  • Ruairi has a baby brother Finn who is 1 year old and he loves when Finn kisses him.
  • Abigail has a baby brother Dane who is 9 months old and she loves it when Dane crawls all over her.
  • Max has a baby sister named Lyla who is 5 months old he loves giving Lyla cuddles and handing her toys.
  • Sophie has a brand new sister named Emily Kate who is only 4 weeks old and she loves helping mummy change her nappy.

EYLF - Children have a strong sense of identity – Outcome 1.3

Children develop knowledgeable and confident identities, they feel recognised and respected for who they are and they share aspects of their culture with other children and educators. Outcome 2.1, Children are connected with and contribute to their world, children broaden their understanding of the world in which they live.

Miss Sam