Penguins and Icebergs

At the suggestion of some children who said that they like penguins, we have been looking at pictures of different penguins over several weeks. The children have been asking lots of questions about the penguins and sharing what they know about them. We put all the sea creatures in the water tray to create an environment for them to live in. Logan said, “We need icebergs so the penguins can get away from the killer whales so they don’t eat them.” Over the following days and weeks we made icebergs for the penguins in the water tray. Jedd asked, “How big are penguins?” so we made a drawing of a full size Emperor Penguin. The children have been helping to measure all the penguins, and themselves, to see if they are taller than the Emperor Penguin.


EYLF 2.4.3 Children are connected with and contribute to their world, becoming socially responsible and showing respect for the environment. The children are showing an increasing knowledge of, and respect for, nature and constructed environments. 


Miss Karen