Planes and Helicopters

The children were amazed to see a large blimp in the sky over the preschool on a number of days, so a discussion followed about other things which the children had seen flying over the preschool.  These included; planes, jets, a rescue helicopter, small helicopters, birds and butterflies.

William O noticed a pelican in the sky and asked, “What is that bird and why is it not flapping its wings?”  The educator explained that the pelican was gliding on the thermals, going around and getting higher and higher.

Mia and Mitchell said, “We could make paper planes.”  Many children enjoyed making their own plane.  Jacob had the best throwing technique as his plane went the highest and longest distance.  James S asked, “Can we make a helicopter?”

This week the children are learning how to make paper helicopters.  Byron C said, “I like being up high and watching them spin down.”

EYLF learning outcome 4.1 states that children are confident and involved learners when they express wonder and interest in their environment.

Posted by Mrs Karen 24.8.15