Rainbows and Colouring Mixing

Recently the children have shown interest in drawing and painting rainbows. Encouraging them to explore this interest further we used water paints in the seven colours of the rainbow to paint rainbows on filter paper. From this the children discovered that when some colours mixed together they create new colours.

 Using a mixing chart, the children learnt how to create green, orange, pink, purple, brown and grey using primary, black and white paints. The children discovered they could lighten colours by adding white paint. They made light purple by mixing red, blue and white; light green by mixing blue, yellow and white; and light blue by mixing white directly to blue. After mixing new colours on their paint pallets the children painted at the easels. As confident and involved learners the children show development of skills such as the ability to experiment, hypothesise research and investigate. EYLF L.O. 4.2