Silk Worms Alive!

Last year educators saved silk worm eggs taking care of them in a box in the store room. In September tiny black silk worms hatched from the eggs. When we put mulberry leaves in the box the silkworms ate and grew and ate and grew. We gave them fresh mulberry leaves every day and watched them munching and growing bigger.  The silkworms are big enough and now they have begun to wrap themselves around with silken thread making bright yellow cocoons. We will wait for the moths to hatch from the cocoons and lay eggs in the boxes. The children have been involved in every aspect of this wonderful natural science experience. They listen to the silk worms munching. Talk about how best to care for them and hypothesise about events yet to happen in the life cycle of the silk moth. Art work, conversation and stories have all been influenced by this interesting season of the silk worm. Please make sure you ask your child to tell you all about and show you our silk worms. Sue Collinson